Gas Sensor Housings  

Dynament supply a range of IECEx and ATEX certified flameproof Ex d gas sensor housings. These housings feature plug-in sensor capability and are available in different versions to accomodate the full range of Dynament infrared (IR) gas sensors and other manufacturer's sensor types such as electrochemical and photionisation in both 4 Series and 7 Series sizes. 
ATEX and IECEx Exd Certified explosion proof housing. 
Stainless steel housing with tamperproof protection. 
For use with separately certified, industry standard junction boxes or OEM gas detector enclosures. 
Compact Size. 
Various mounting threads available M20, ½" NPT, ¾" NPT. 
Versions available for both 4 Series and 7 Series size sensors. 
Housing can be opened to gain access to the plug-in sensor. 
Gas sampling adaptor accessory available for easy calibration. 
Rainguard accessory with gas sampling feature also available to protect the sensor in wet environments or areas subjected to hosing. 
Refer to the following data sheets for further details (sensor ordered separately): 
TDS0070 – Includes PCB for Dynament Premier Infrared Sensor. 
TDS0075 – Includes PCB for 7-Series Electrochemical Sensor. 
TDS0076 – Includes PCB for Dynament Standard Infrared Sensor. 
TDS0006 – Includes PCB for PID Sensor. 
TDS0015 – Includes PCB for H2 Sensor. 
TDS0168 – Includes PCB for 4-Series Electrochemical Sensor. 
Flameproof Sensor Housing 
Fitted With A Premier or Standard Infrared Sensor 
Flameproof Sensor Housing 
Fitted With An Optional Rain Guard 
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