Methane Infrared Gas Sensors 

These sensors are Hydrocarbon types that have been specially characterised during manufacture to measure Methane (CH4) gas over various ranges from 0-100% volume. 
Also available is the revolutionary Dual-Gas High Resolution Methane / Carbon Dioxide Sensor providing the capability to simultaneously monitor Methane and Carbon Dioxide in a single sensor package whilst only consuming the power of a single infrared sensor. It also has the additional benefit of a pre-characterised 0-2% Propane measurement range included as standard. 
These sensors are part of the 'Platinum' Series and are available in Industrial Ex d IIC Certified, Mining M1 Certified and Non-Certified versions. They are also UL approved. 
Low power and EN50271 / SIL1 certified software versions are also available in all combinations. 
Our Sensor Selector below allows you to build a detailed Single-Gas Methane or Dual-Gas Methane/Carbon Dioxide sensor configuration and then optionally send a sales enquiry for one or multiple sensor types. 
Select the sensor features you require from the drop down boxes then click NEXT to continue. After a number of selections have been made you will be given the option to view the relevant DATA SHEET PDF and/or continue to construct a full sensor part number and optionally submit a sales enquiry. 
Hovering over (or touching) the tool tips (?) gives further information about each of the sensor parameters. 
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