Dual-Gas HC + CO2 Infrared Sensors 

Our Dual-Gas Methane (CH4) / Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors are revolutionary devices for the simultaneous measurement of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in a single sensor package. They acheive this whilst only consuming the power of a single infrared sensor. The sensors also have the additional benefit of a pre-characterised 0-2% Propane measurement range included as standard. 
The sensors provide accurate measurement of gas levels using infrared gas sensing techniques. Various versions are available with combinations of ranges up to 100% volume Methane and 5% volume Carbon Dioxide. They consume the power of a single infrared sensor and therefore provide prolonged battery life when used within portable gas detectors. 
The Hydrocarbon channel provides simultaneous readings for both High Resolution Methane and Propane
Hydrocarbon Channel Resolution - 0.01% for range 0 to 10% Vol. and 0.1% for range 10% to 100% Vol. (CH4) 
Carbon Dioxide Channel Resolution - 0.01% Vol. (CO2) 
The sensors are part of the 'Platinum' Series and are available in Industrial Ex d IIC Certified, Mining M1 Certified and Non-Certified versions. They are also UL approved. 
Low power and EN50271 / SIL1 certified software versions are also available in all combinations. 
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