UK Manufacturing Centre 

UK Headquarters & Manufacturing Centre 

Kings Mill Way 
Hermitage Lane Industrial Estate, 
Mansfield, NG18 5ER, United Kingdom 
Tel: +44 (0) 1623 663636 
Fax: +44 (0) 1623 421063 
All purchase orders and enquiries for all infrared gas sensor types should be directed to the company headquarters above. 

About Dynament 

We design and manufacture gas sensors using patented miniature infrared (IR) gas sensing technology. The sensors are made for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) of gas monitoring and detection products. 
The company was formed in 2001 by bringing together individuals with a wealth of knowledge and long-term experience in the design, production and application of infrared gas sensors. During this time it has established itself as the major supplier of miniature NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) sensors to gas detection Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) worldwide. It has developed a range of IR sensors for the following main areas; 
Hydrocarbons - with a proven record for Methane detection which is the most problematic of the hydrocarbon gases to detect within in the infrared spectrum; 
Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. 
The company's innovative approach to design has resulted in it obtaining UK, US and European patent protection for both its Standard, Premier and Platinum ranges of sensors. The Premier range of sensors were the first available worldwide to contain all the necessary optics, electronics and firmware to provide a linearised, temperature compensated output that be used to directly replace pellistors in an industry standard size package. 
Continued product development has led to the introduction of the Platinum Single and Dual-Gas sensor series. Low power versions of these sensors have been recently been introduced. The company now also has EN50271 and SIL 1 SIRA Certified versions of its Platinum series available. 
Our Outstanding Reputation 
Dynament now supplies its infrared sensors to over 400 customers in 42 countries including all of the worldwide major gas detection OEM's. Over the past 10 years our customer base has grown to such a level that we now have over half a million sensors in use worldwide . 
Our Quality and Reliability 
Our sensors have gained a worldwide reputation for excellent performance and reliability and each infrared sensor undergoes exhaustive environmental testing and characterization prior to delivery to the customer. 
The sensor designs are based on PROVEN TECHNOLOGY and, as such, we are able to offer a 5 year sensor warranty on most sensor types. 
What Gases Can We Detect? 
Common gases that can be detected by our IR sensors include Biogas, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Propane. 
We frequently characterise new gas types (often in response to customer requests) to add to our to our growing list so even if you do not see the gas you require in the above list please contact us for advice - we may be able to help! 
Technical Support 
The company is totally committed to providing Original Equipment Manufacturers with all the necessary technical support to allow them to include these sensors in their existing and future products. The following facility is on hand to provide full technical support: 
Infrared Sensor Support - Email: 
Dynament as an organisation is committed to a full technical development programme that will enable continual technical enhancements to existing products and new product development of infrared gas sensors. 
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