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Gas Sensors from Dynament  We design and manufacture gas sensors using patented miniature Infrared (IR) gas sensing technology. The sensors are made for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) of gas monitoring and detection products. 

 Our Outstanding Reputation 

Dynament now supplies its infrared sensors to over 400 customers in 40 countries including all of the worldwide major gas detection OEM's. Over the past 10 years our customer base has grown to such a level that we now have over half a million sensors in use worldwide . 

 Our Quality and Reliability 

Our sensors have gained a worldwide reputation for excellent performance and reliability and each infrared sensor undergoes exhaustive environmental testing and characterization prior to delivery to the customer. The sensor designs are based on PROVEN TECHNOLOGY and, as such, we are able to offer a 5 year sensor warranty on most sensor types. 

 EN 50271 & SIL1 Certification 

We can now offer SIRA EN50271 & SIL1 certified versions of both our 'Ex' and 'Non-Ex' sensor types. 
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A new version of the world's best selling Infrared sensor 
Introducing the New Platinum Infrared Gas Sensor 
Lower Power Platinum Infrared Gas Sensors
EN50271 & SIL 1 Certified Versions Available under SIRA Certificate No's. 04ATEX1357U and FSP 14002/00 
*An approximate 80% reduction in current consumption compared with the Premier sensor range. 
Single Gas and Dual-Gas Versions Available for Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide Designed for use in solar, wireless and battery powered applications 
The Dual-Gas version provides Hydrocarbon / Carbon Dioxide measurement within a single package with an equivalent power consumption of 7.5 mA @ 3V dc per sensor 
These new sensors are compatible with our existing ranges with all sensor variants available in the new lower power format. They utilize the same technology as our existing ranges which have proven themselves over the past 10 years with over 500,000 in use worldwide in 40 countries in a variety of industries and applications 
They have the same 5 year warranty 
For further information, refer to the Technical Data Sheets by clicking on the link below: 
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