Ethanol Gas Sensor - Non Certified

Premier Series of InfraRed (IR) Gas Sensors

Download Technical Data Sheets (pdf) - TDS0035, TDS0048

IR Ethanol Gas Sensor


  1. Measurement ranges - 0-5% Volume Ethanol (CH3CH2OH)
  2. Operating voltage 3 to 5 volts dc, nominal current = 80mA
  3. Wide operating temperature range of -20 to +50 deg. C
  4. Output format options - Digital, Analogue or Pellistor Replacement
  5. Instantly converts existing compatible pellistor-based instruments to infrared
  6. Sensors can be factory configured to customer specifications
  7. User configurable via a configuration unit available from Dynament
  8. Internal 'Flash' memory enables firmware updates via the configuration unit
  9. Industry standard size - 20mm diameter x 16.6mm high (excluding pins)
  10. 3-pin (pellistor replacement) or 5-pin versions available
  11. Optional replaceable, self-adhesive micro porous 1 micron filter

These Ethanol sensors contain all the necessary optics, electronics and firmware to provide a calibrated and linearised output for the detection of Ethanol gas over the range 0-5% Volume. Note however that due to the nature of this gas, we cannot guarantee compliance with the temperature performance specification on the hydrocarbon sensor data sheets. Refer to data sheet TDS0050 for further information.

The sensors provide equipment designers with a fast track route to introduce the latest infrared technology for detection of Ethanol gas without the requirement for any specialist knowledge.

They are are intended for use either in non-certified gas detection equipment or in hazardous area certified equipment where the equipment manufacturer provides the necessary protection by means of a separately certified explosion protected housing.

The sensors are contained in a stainless steel housing fitted with a single protective stainless steel mesh. This ensures a minimum response time to gas in applications where the sensor is to be fitted within a separately certified explosion protected housing protected by a sintered flame arrestor such as a sinter.

The construction of the non-certified types provide a small cost saving compared with the certified types.

The sensors can be used to measure Ethanol gas within a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The standard measurement range available is 0-5% volume Ethanol. If you have a requirement for a particular non-standard range then please contact us and we will be please to assist you with your application.

A separately available Configuration Unit enables users to customise certain parameters within the Premier sensor in order to suit their particular requirements - see below.

Sensor Order Codes

The sensors are within the Premier Hydrocarbon series which commence with the code MSH-P/HC/NC followed by a number of other options such as the number of pins, bridge or voltage output, positive or negative supply etc.

Due to the wide number of variations available, we have published a data sheet that provides detailed instruction of the various options that make-up the ordering code information. To download a copy, click on the following link >> Ordering Details

(Note - infrared sensors cannot be used to detect Hydrogen)

More background information

Configuration Unit

The Premier Sensor Configuration unit enables users to customise certain parameters within the Premier sensor in order to suit their particular requirements. The unit is supplied complete with a PC software configuration package. Versions of the unit are available for either positive or negative supply sensors. Ordering details are as follows:

Positive version - Type P/CONFIG/POS
Negative version - Type P/CONFIG/NEG