Ethanol Gas Sensors

Our Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) Sensors comprise a range of miniature Infrared IR sensors for the measurement of Ethanol gas. The sensors are part of the Platinum Series and are available calibrated and linearised for the detection of Ethanol gas over the range 0-5% volume. Note however that due to the nature of this gas, we cannot guarantee compliance with the temperature performance specification on the hydrocarbon sensor data sheets. Refer to data sheet TDS0050 for further information.

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Platinum Series

'Ex' Certified Types 'Non-Ex' Types

Temperature Compensated
- 20 to +50 deg. C

These sensors contain all the necessary optics, electronics and firmware to provide a linearized, temperature compensated output. The sensors provide equipment designers with a fast track route to introduce the latest infrared technology for detection of gases without the requirement for any specialist knowledge.

The Platinum Series provide a reduced gas response time (< 20 secs) compared with the earlier 'Premier' Series of sensors

Platinum Series 'Ex' Certified Ethanol Sensor

Versions available include:

  1. Low Power (15mA) Versions.
  2. EN 50271 / SIL1 SIRA Certified Versions.

Platinum Series 'Non-Ex' Ethanol

Versions available include:

  1. Low Power (15mA) Versions.
  2. EN 50271 / SIL1 SIRA Certified Versions.

Certified types are hazardous area certified components that are intended for use directly within hazardous area certified portable or fixed gas detection equipment provided that their use is permitted by the equipment manufacturer's certification documents.

Non-certified types are intended for use either in non-certified gas detection equipment or in hazardous area certified equipment where the equipment manufacturer provides the necessary protection by means of a separately certified explosion protected housing.

Standard Series infrared sensors may also be used for the detection of Ethanol gas in addition to a wide range of other hydrocarbon gases - please refer to the Hydrocarbon Gases section.